About Us


EIS Group Is among some of the top Structure and Flooring Production Company East of Texas.  EIS prides itself on partnering with individuals and organizations across the nations to turn any raw space into the exquisite venue of their dreams.

With over 30 plus Years of experience and a background that spans across Event installation, operations, and Project management along with building some of the closest partnership in the special event industry. The Eis Team will use their expertise to provide you with the best service and solutions for your small private parties, your corporate event, and large-scale gala.

Eis Group is built upon a foundation of diversity not only in the service we provide but in the people who make up EIS group. We strive to treat our clients like we treat our employees we respect and with kindness and most of all an open mind to see all the potential they have to offer.

Our history​

EIS Group USA was formed out of several growth spurts over the last 10 years. Marcelino Juan Guevara Originally started as EIS enterprises an event labor company that provided all the top Tenting and flooring companies labor to install some of the country’s most unique and extraordinary events.

  He recognized the opportunity to move into the composite and custom flooring area of event which in 2017 turned the company into Special Event Flooring Technology, Providing turf protection for some of the most expensive pieces of property in the US, like the white House front lawn, The National Mall, and numerous college and Pro Stadiums on the East coast.

 With this business growing many of the customers Marcelino had service over the year asked him if he could provide the Structures for their event as well as the flooring. Wanting to help Streamline the Process Marcelino purchased his first 80,000Sqft structure and has not looked back yet. Thus, creating Event Installation Service Group better known as EIS Group USA who now provide a wide range of Structures, Tent, and flooring.

Juan Guavera

CEO / President

 I’ve worked in the Special Event industry for 30 plus years. I have tried to build my company based on the things that I’ve seen to be the most successful not only to the customers but to the employees. I look to find some of the industry most skilled people. Everything Starts and Ends with my Team, giving my employees knowledge and tools to be creative and problems solve help them provide great service. As our Client and Team work together a partnership and bond is from to help make their event and our company become a success leading to a long-lasting relationship so know I’m Dedicated to my team who in return will be dedicated to you.