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EIS GROUP provides a wide range of tenting options. We have structure Tents from 10’ wide to 164’ wide our structure will take care of all you mid to large scale events and any long-term projects. Moving down from our Structure to our Frame and Festival style tents range from 10’ to 40’ wide we are able to cover all your small to mid-size events. EIS Group also carries a line of Pole Tents for that classic stylish wedding or social Event. We have all the Tent amenities to Custom Fabric Liners, Swages, Tables, chairs, Lights, Dance floor, Climate Control, and power


EIS GROUP has a complete Flooring Division to meet whatever flooring needs your Event or Project needs. EIS has a large composite floor inventory that goes from pedestrian to drivable to crane Mat. Any Kind of Turf Protection you need Eis has the answers. EIS Group is one of the few Companies who carry National Park Service approved flooring. EIS does not stop there they also have a large inventory of Stage and scaffolding to do large, elevated floors and if you just want the good old fashion way EIS has wood floors too. EIS Group most unique Flooring option is the acrylic pool Cover which allows you to wow you guest while creating more space


Swimming pools can be the stunning centerpiece of an event, even if no one will be swimming. Pool floor covers create a dramatic look and perfectly functional floor for dancing, dining, wedding ceremonies, corporate events, concerts, or wherever your imagination takes you. With a clear floor, your guests can dance and party with the unique backdrop of an illuminated pool right below their feet.

At EIS GROUP, our pool floor cover rental services are backed by cutting-edge technology and engineering. Perfectly safe and secure, these pool floor covers can be designed to handle small or large pools of any shape.

EIS GROUP designs and installs rental pool floor covers in the Washington, DC area and throughout much of the country. Whether you want to cover a large resort pool in Fort Lauderdale or residential pools in Cleveland, EIS GROUP has the right pool cover rental for your space.

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